About me

Maria-portrait-circleTurning your vision and dreams into something tangible that you can keep, share and treasure in the course of your life, not only inspires and excites me but also challenges me to never stop pursuing my goals no matter how remote or hard they may seem!

I have been knitting and crocheting for as long as I can remember, learning the techniques first from my grandmother and later on from my teacher and friend in the knitting club.

At some point, my family and friends were enjoying the stuff I was knitting and encouraged me to pursue further my love for this form of art.  So I experimented and studied more in order to improve my knitting and crocheting techniques, I tested myself on creating new things and I am continuously trying to perfect them.

I get my inspirations from the people around me, from nature and its colours, from music, from my good and bad moods ……. but whatever the case I put all my love into everything that I create.

And here I am now! Proud to be able to offer to you knitted items and accessories that I hope you will like and enjoy having.

Maria Lotta